Welcome Investors

At Remote Operations we are continously looking for new markets, both geographically and service wise. Our concept is sustainable and attractive in all perspectives, and we focus on giving a worldwide coverage of our services. Our aim is solid and beneficial partnerships to secure growt in our line of business.

Investors are encouraged to contact our Business Development Manager.

Upscaling business

Our concept, solutions and products are all scalable to fit anyone’s needs. However, we aim to increase our portfolios. As product development goes forward at increasingly speeds, we will constantly be able to deliver even faster, larger and stronger UAV’s, and with longer range for every day.

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World Wide Target

In large cities people can…

R & D Focus

We strive to acieve the best solutions possible, and work in close collaboration with developers from all industries. By joining forces we ensure sustainable products for the future.


Suppliers Welcome

As a part of our quality philosophy we are constantly evaluating latest technology to find suitable products to support our concepts.

Suppliers are encouraged to contact our Product Development Manager Remote Operations AS

Solutions & Quality

At Remote Operations we aim to use latest technology to develop optimum solutions and top quality products. Our equipment are designed for professional use, and are not to be considered as toys.

Cost Focus

In a competitive marked we are extremely focused on keeping cost at a minimum, however, this will never compromise our HSSE and Quality focus.