Grid and Operations

Fully Autonomous flights!


Fully customized routes are designed to cover your needs, and will provide a safe and efficient path for both UAV and ground personnel.


Typical mission will be take-off, then fly a pre-programmed route or pattern and the return and land. The purpose may be different types of inspection or data logging.

A to B

Shuttle between two Ground Stations, fixed or mobile, where purpose is express goods delivery.


Large geographic areas may be fully accessible when multiple numbers of Ground Stations are connected in an invisible electronic Air-Grid. There are no limits!

ERP / CRM Integrations

Our systems can be designed to interface your existing ERP / CRM systems, so that the work-flows become complete. The result is that an UAV-delivery will be prepared and scheduled once an order or call-off is established in your system, and the goods are in stock ready for delivery. The customer or service personnel will receive the goods shortly after, in a safe, efficient and environment friendly way.

Routes and Controls

All routes and patterns are designed to comply with local regulations, and special focus is given to safety and to reduce noise impact to ground environment.

All flights are monitored by authorized Air Traffic Controllers.


Permissions – no fly zones

Continously 2-way communications with Air Traffic Controllers. Flight permissions will be declared before takeoff.


Autonomous Logistics – Aircraft and Ground SystemsRemote Operations AS


We have fully autonomous transport solutions for your company.


We always have the latest sensor technology available.


We have different tools for a wide range of operations.